Mail de confirmation envoyé aux beta testeurs

Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Beta Program.

The Beta CDs have been sent out via Federal Express and you should receive your Beta CD within the next few days. If you do not receive the Beta CD by Wednesday May 9th or should you have any problems installing your Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Beta, please contact our Technical Support department at (949) 955-1382 or email [email protected]

This Beta includes all of the full game's items, quests, monsters, and player characters. However, it is playable only through You can play any of the seven character classes completely through all 5 Acts of the expanded game. If you have characters on the USWest Realm, they are waiting for you under with usual account name and password. Please remember that these are COPIES of your USWest Realm Characters and changes in them while you are playing on the Beta Realm will NOT affect them on USWest. Characters from any other Realms will not be available for play on the Beta Realm. Also, excluded from this Beta are these features of the full game -- single player mode, multi-player LAN games, and the new cinematic sequences.

The principal purpose of this Beta is to test game server stability and capacity. As a result, the Beta Realm may be unstable for extended periods of time. In fact, rather than avoiding playing during periods of lag or instability, we prefer that you help us stress the Beta Realm by logging on when others are most likely to be playing - for example, during the evening hours of Pacific Daylight Time.

Of course, we appreciate all bug reports and suggestions about play-balance, game features, and interface ease-of-use. However, these issues are not the focus of the Beta. Questions, Technical Support, Hot Topics, Realm Updates, Strategy and Tips and Beta Forum information will all be available through the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Beta Support page at:

We expect the Beta to run a minimum of two weeks. Also, while the Beta may run until the release of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, it may also be stopped prior to the release of the finished game. NOTE: In order to play Diablo II or the release version of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the Realms you must uninstall Diablo II and then reinstall it.

Finally, we are looking for your exciting Beta screenshots to post on our web site. Please make your submissions to [email protected]

Again, congratulations, and we will see you on!

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